{i heart root canals}

do i?  probably not.  today i had my first root canal.  it won't be my last.  i need {fingers crossed} one more.  and then hopefully never ever again.

how did i let it get this far you ask?  i suck.  but no, really my teeth for the most part, don't hurt.  as in i can have a huge honking cavity and i don't necessarily feel pain.  and i was not good at going to the dentist regularly.  obviously.  so here i am.  root canal number one.
IMG_4960Root canal.  Ughhhhh.

it really wasn't that bad.  i was very nervous but more so about the unexpected.  i actually don't hate the dentist like you think i would for how much i haven't gone.

this is me during a break and then after.  

and finally at home.  apparently all of my dr.'s patients get this awesomesauce mug.  lucky us.

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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