{the way i view...halloween}

this month's "the way i view" post was halloween.  i totally forgot to post it so i had to grab these from fb and then upload to flickr so they're kind of crappy quality but you get the point. 

i had a cowboy, a grumpy 13 yr old who decided last minute not to dress up, a fairy and the cutest witch you'll ever see.  :)




they love silly face photos.  that cute little cowboy was sad cause he had just fallen and hurt his hand.  it's rough being a five year old i tell ya!

i hope to come back and add some trick or treating photos so if you're interested, come back and check it out!

now go check out {clair's} view!



  1. It's bittersweet (and a bit funny) when they decide they're too old to dress up! My son wore a mask when he was 12 and hasn't done anything beside pull out that same mask for the past 3 years and attempt to scare little ones. He's "too old" and too cool for dressing up he claims. lol I miss the happy dress up days a touch.

  2. Callum wanted to dress up but he had too much homework. *That* was sad. Meanie teachers. So a quiet Halloween for us, but I love your silly/sad faces photo. And now it's November!

  3. Cute! I'm not looking forward to the year that one of my Littles is too cool to dress up!

  4. The silly faces is perfect, what a great looking group of kids!