{Christmas ornament of 2012}

every year we make a christmas ornament to give out to friends and family.  you can see last year's ornament {HERE}.  last year i was inspired by my friend {jude's} ornament.  this year i was pinspired.  ;)  i found a great inspiration on the {eighteen 25} blog.  

i helped the kids do their fingerprint snowman.  the paint i got wasn't as white as i would have like and originally i was going to fill the whole ornament with snow.  then lisa and i were brainstorming and we came up with the idea of the blue paper to make it look like the sky.  the kids each helped with the hats, buttons and carrot noses.  ;) 

they were really easy.  i painted each kids pointer finger and we made the snowman.  these are in order of age.  i let them dry really well and then i filled the bottom of the ornament with the fake snow.  you can buy this at target or a craft store.  i then bought some blue tissue paper and cut it it into strips.  you could use a paper shredder for this but i just used scissors.  then we used permanent markers to make the hats, buttons, arms and noses.  easy!

i LOVED the way they came out.  it's my most favorite tradition and i love coming up with something a little more creative then just painting the wooden ornaments like we used to. 









does your family make anything special for the holidays? 

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