better late than never, huh? i've been really bad at doing instafridays lately. usually it's the one post i can count on getting up each week since i'm home on fridays but lately, it's been uber busy on fridays.

last friday this little lady and i had lunch with carol and then i had a doctors appt. she was such a good girl!  she loved the elevator!

UntitledDoctor's office canvas.

lisa and i brought that cute one up there to the doctor last sunday.  she had pneumonia.  :(
Us.  What you can't see is all the kids on opposite sides of this tiny room.  Trying to not spread germs. #pedioffice #sickkids

these ugly hats are 70% off.  they stayed at the store.  lol.
Even at 70% off these #neimanmarcusfortarget hats weren't coming home with us. #latergram

back in the day buffet...
And I'm right back in 1995. Just like that.Oh marky mark.  #kickinitoldschool

omg i was in ballet flat heaven at old navy.  unfortunately, none of them came home with me.  boo.
Ballet flat heaven.

the cutest firehouse themed coffee shop opened up next door.  i sat with my Click magazine and vegged for a little while before volunteering at the small one's school.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh.  And relax.  :)

carol gave us spinning toothbrushes!  they're a big hit.  i *may* have used one of them this morning. lol.  thanks again carol!  p.s. i still have your christmas gift to give you!


i love pairing polka dots with my red sweater.  it makes me happy.

these two are ridiculous.  and the best of friends.

kit comes everywhere with us.

chloe had a birthday party last weekend.  i got to bring her.  we had a lot of fun.

and ian started basketball last weekend.  he LOVED it.  :)

is there any other way to listen to the radio on your way home from work on a rainy foggy day?  i think not!
Carolina Liar sounds best this way. ;). #howiroll

life rearranged


  1. Haha. I saw those same ugly hats at target last week. What were they thinking??? And how did you resist those shoes? Arranged like a rainbow? I could not have! Stopping by from Life Rearranged.

  2. I like your polka dot/red combo. Very cute!