so yeah.  allergies run in our family.  all the kids had an egg allergy.  isobel still does.  but that's another story for another time.  isobel has eczema.  severe eczema.  we finally brought her to the allergist to find out if a food allergy could be behind it.

the allergist we went to was new to us.  thank god because we hated the one chloe went to.  anyways, she was pretty awesome.  however we could not do the skin testing like we wanted to because her skin is so bad.  so we did a blood test.  which in a way is better because, hello, ONE needle.  

we got the results today.  she tested positive for.....


ummmmmmmm yeah.  they also said that some of them can be a false positive because her IGE levels were so high.  don't quote me here but she said something about the IGE levels are supposed to be between 0 and 350.  isobel's are at 3,000.  so we have to cut out one food at a time for a week and monitor her and see if it seems to help.

i know food allergies aren't the end of the world and that especially now there are so many resources to help but i'm really sad for her.  i really really hope some of those are a false positive.  fingers crossed.  

wish us luck!  also if you know of a great resource for dealing with food allergies in children please pass it along!

****i wrote this last week and it's been sitting in my drafts.  we noticed after one day a difference in isobel's skin.  one day.  i wish i had taken a before and after but it's truly amazing.  we've only cut out milk so far.  i have to call the allergist tomorrow with our findings.  i'm really hoping that soy was a false positive.  i hope she can have soy milk. we shall see. ****

also one of lisa's friends at work got us this book to help us.  isn't that the sweetest thing? 


  1. Allergies in general are such a bummer, especially multiple food ones. Hopefully some of those are false positives!

    If you haven't found her already, stop by Marketing Mama's blog: http://marketingmama.com

    Her daughter has multiple food allergies as well, and she shares a ton of great content about managing them. :)

  2. Oh boy! That's sounds like a heavy load for poor Isobel!
    I hope you guys can target the allergy so that her eczema subsides a bit!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  3. your blog is so cute! good luck with those pesky allergies.