hey guys!  it's friday!  yay.  i don't know why it's yay this friday, cause it's not really yay.  i'm working this weekend.  so technically today is my monday.  boo.

i love the new flickr app.  and yes, i do have 12, 857 photos uploaded there.  i've been a member for years and i also use it to back up photos.  i just upload them private and then i have them if need be.  i can't imagine how many i would have if i hadn't taken a flickr hiatus. 
Why yes I do have 12,857 pics uploaded to Flickr.  Imagine if I hadn't taken a hiatus.  #picturespictureseverywhere#blogger

bailey got an ipod for christmas.  we can text and play games.  we also face time.  he's so stinkin' cute i can't stand it. 
My kid is awesome!  He's hysterical.  #only13

don't mind my ridiculous face here.  the point of this pic is that e and i were facetiming.  can you see him?  no?  neither could i.  creepy kid.  lol. 

i was going through old pics yesterday.  i needed a baby pic for work and i didn't know where mine were.  i got sad thinking i had lost them and then, i found them.  i may have cried a bit.  lol.  anywho, this is my mom.  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when.  wasn't she beautiful?  she still is.  :)

late at night after work snacking/reading.

i played a killer word this week.  it's not my highest point word but it's the highest i've gotten since i've started playing again.

i've been eating A LOT of both of these...
IMG_6375Whole wheat toast, crunchy peanut butter and banana.  Bammmm.  Breakfast done.


we did a ton of laying around and resting in our jammies last weekend.  it was heavenly.

lisa and i are making our way through the Dawson's Creek series.  she never watched it.  i love joey.  she's totally adorable.  and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....no spoilers.  lisa reads the blog!

life rearranged

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  1. Great pics! How do you like Flickr? I've used Snap Fish to order and back-up my pictures for years and last week when I logged in, I discovered that all my pictures were deleted because I hadn't order prints in over a year. It was pretty horrible so I'm dumping them! Maybe I'll go with Flickr.