{the way i view...the holidays}

i don't have anything prepared for this month's theme.  i took a lot of pictures this month as i think we all did but none of them really "fit" for me.  so i'm gonna just go with something.  i know, cheater.  lol.  i have enjoyed doing this project this year.  i completed all 12 months and now i'm done.  woo hoo!

the holidays to me are about family, traditions and giving.  we have a lot of traditions of which i will be blogging about soon.  we are always all about family but the holidays are a reason to reach out to the family you don't always see.  not that it should be that way, but let's be real.  ;)  also the holidays are about giving.  for the past couple of years we've given to someone outside of our family.  one year we bought a tree for a coworker that couldn't afford one.  last year we adopted a child and bought him gifts.  this year we didn't do anything personally but we had some big events at work that i was in charge of organizing. 

each year we do a stuff a cruiser event.  it's a toy drive to support the local toy fundraising charity.  a lot like toys for tots but local.  you could buy a toy and put it in the police cruiser while saying hi to santa.  the police in my town are fantastic and it's always a great event.  the very next day we had a "shop with a cop" type event called heroes and helpers.  this was by far my most enjoyable and favorite day of work in the ten years i've worked for the company.  i got a grant for $500 from target and the police were able to get another $500 from the police union and we got 10 kids from grades 1-5 to come to the store and we gave them $100 each to shop for gifts for their family and themselves.  it was amazing.  all of the kids were in need financially.  some of them weren't even going to get a christmas.  they were partnered up with an officer and went shopping after a huge pizza party.  then we wrapped everything for them and santa came and gave them a little extra gift.  to know that we made an actual difference in these family's lives was the most fulfilling feeling i've ever had at work.  i can't wait to do it again next year!

this picture was a last minute effort to grab a picture of all of us.  it's not technically perfect, but it's perfect to me.  :)


i hope y'all had a fantastic holiday season!!!!!! 

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  1. Perfect to you is the best perfect of all! Great to see you in a picture!