i'm really behind in the whole blogging thing lately.  i just feel so disorganized and blah about it.  i put these together last night and then never uploaded them.  i cuddled with the kids instead.  priorities.  ;)

1-4 b instafriday1-4 c instafriday1-4 instafriday

here's a bunch of glimpses into our last couple of weeks.  some of them i've posted other places and some i haven't.  we had a great christmas.  lisa and i attended the awesome new years eve wedding of my cousin.  the put together a fantastic slideshow of them both when they were little and i realized that i have no idea where my box of baby pictures is.  that makes me sad.  i had one shoe box and somehow i don't know where they are.  i'm hoping they are in the back hallway in that mess of crap that is storage but i just don't know.  in the mean time my awesome aunt said she would send me copies of whatever she has.  :)

life rearranged

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