{breakfast with my love}

on wednesday mornings lisa and i have a couple of hours to ourselves.  sometimes we go to the gym, sometimes we stay home and relax and sometimes we go out to breakfast.  we drove to plymouth about a month ago and had breakfast at the water street cafe.  here are some of my favorite pics.

lisa always gets tea.  i always get coffee.  i wish coffee came in cute tea pots like this.
tea pot

i just got a mug.  it's a cute mug, but still.

this might be one of the best things i've eaten for breakfast in my entire life.  banana bread french toast.

did you hear me? french toast made out of banana bread. banana bread french toast. yup. just died and went to heaven. it was delicious. a bit soggy for my liking. i have a texture problem. but it was really good. i want to make it at home and skip on the soggy. maybe i'll make it for our sunday breakfast this weekend.

what's the best thing you ever had a breakfast restaurant?


  1. Banana bread French toast sounds soooo delish....

  2. WAIT!! STOP!! I want to try that!! It sounds like heaven on a plate. I miss mornings alone with Mr. Fun. We used to have starbucks dates, those are a thing of the past now.