{here's to a healthier weekend}

the last weekend that we had the kids we weren't so healthy around here.  sunday we brought izz to the pedi with suspicions of pneumonia.  we were right.  ian was complaining that his belly hurt on the way there.  we didn't think much of it cause he's always sick when someone else is.  well we got to the pedi and he opened the van door and puked everywhere.  kudos to him for waiting until the car stopped!  so we saw the pedi and she gave ian a puke bucket for the way home.  which was needed.  boo.  and then to top it all off, i got ian's stomach bug.  gross.

the icing of the sick cake was that lisa had a nasty stomach bug at the beginning of this week.  she was by far the sickest i've ever seen anyone.  ever.  here's hoping that no one else gets it and that we have a healthier weekend this weekend!


p.s. kit comes everywhere with us. chloe loves her. note how she's buckled in. and poor bailey was agonizing over being in the car with sick kids. he's kind of a germaphobe.


  1. I am with Bailey. I do not like being in inclosed spaces with sick people. If someone coughs loud close to me in a store, I try to hold my breath. :D You should get him a hospital mask to wear in the car!

  2. You poor things! I hope everyone gets to feeling better and you guys have a much healthier and happier weekend!

  3. Oh no! I hope things start looking up!

  4. I hope the kiddos are feeling better lovely!!!