{christmas ornament of 2011}

lisa and i have a tradition of buying the kids {at least} one new ornament a year.  i also have had a tradition of making ornaments with the kids to give away as gifts.  you know the little ones you glue together or the wooden ones that you paint.  well this year i got a fantastic idea from my wonderfully talented friend {Jude}.  i want to make one of these each year to document how big they get.

so off to the craft store i went.  i got a pack of six plastic glass bulbs on clearance at michael's.  i was going to fill them with tissue paper but while walking around at work i saw this very pretty sparkly fake snow.  lisa and i filled them one night while the kids weren't home.  it was fun interesting.  ;)

then a few days later i busted out the brownish sharpie and went to it.  i learned a few things.  sharpies will stick to shiny slippery glass.  thankfully.  but it will also smudge and sometimes it will cluster together oddly on the glass.  whatevs.  i got each kids fingerprint reindeer on each bulb.  success.  then one night after work i put the antlers, noses, eyes and names on.  i liked the closed eye look for the girls.  i thought it was cute and girly.  on the ornaments i gifted, i made one kid "rudolph" with a red nose.  on our ornament for home, they were all rudolph.  i finished them with the year and a pretty black lace ribbon. 

here are the pics...some of them really aren't in focus but you get the idea. lol. also, you'll see on chloe's how the sharpie kind of pooled together. next year i'm going to do a matte kind of surface.







lisa and i love them and they were a big hit with the people that received them. :)

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