{happy birthday carol}

happy birthday carol! i'm so very happy that you uprooted your whole life and moved to your little slice of heaven out here on Cape Cod. i know you didn't end up buying a house "on cape" but we can visit the cape together all the time!

if i could celebrate with you today i would buy make you one of these...

seriously though isn't it amazing how you can meet people online and instantly become friends? i hate meeting people in real life. i get all nervous and twitchy and usually ditch on them. i'm so glad i didn't ditch on you that day you came for a visit. since the moment you walked into the coffee shop i knew we'd be real life friends forever.  you my dear carol, are awesome.

i can't express how happy i am that we are friends and get to hang out. and my kids, they LOVE you. isobel asks all the time can we go have lunch with your friend?  she even knows your name now.  you're not just mommy's friend with the house that we meet at the restaurant anymore.



and i can't not mention how awesome it is to have someone to be another crazy photo lady with me. i hated being the only one busting my camera out at a restaurant or the middle of target. now we can be crazy together!!

and our kids! they're so lucky to have instant friends. it's amazing how well the you know who's get together. :)

i hope you have a super great day and we must get together and celebrate soon!


happy birthday carol!  xoxo

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  1. Awwwe, Happy Birthday Carol!! I'm sad I never got a chance to meet her before she moved east. I love this post.