{fauxlaroid thursday - 8/9/2012}

hey y'all!  this is the third installment of fauxlaroid thursday.  thanks to the lovely ladies who linked up last week with me!

you can find the first installment here and the second installment here.

this month you're seeing lots of fauxlaroids.  at least one each day actually.  this is because i'm participating in the august break and what is an august break if you're not taking a break?  so i made up a bunch of fauxlaroids and scheduled them as posts for each day.

today's fauxlaroid is a pic of cinderella's castle from our most recent disney trip. i can't get enough or take enough pics of this castle. it's just gorgeous. it's really really hard to take a bad picture of it.


faularoid thursday         August Break 2012

so what are you waiting for??????  link up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi! I am still having problems linking up-- it keeps popping up that I have to ask nicely first!

  2. I love the effect on that picture! It looks great. Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday again. Bree