this is our new family picture.  it was taken in NH in the woods at the Polar Caves.  this is the second of two takes.  no tripod...just resting on a railing.  i actually kind of like the first one better...i was running and my flip flop fell off and everyone was laughing.  so cute.  but i'll show you that another day.  and how do you like ian's smile?  yup.  we're there.  looks like the grinch.  lol.


August Break 2012 


  1. I think that Alexa has a crush on your boy. She looked at that pic and said, "Who is THAT?" :D

  2. Oh I love this!! Great family photo!! Tripods are for sissy photographers ;) Cant wait to see the outtake.

    1. thanks misti. i actually brought the tripod cause we were gonna try to get a nice pic in front of a waterfall but it never happened. didn't even take it out of the car! used my headband to prop my camera up on the railing. lol.

  3. ROFL about the flip flop. That has been known to happen around here in similar circumstances. Yay for family photos!
    And hoping my avi shows up! LOL