{8-30-2012...fauxlaroid thursday}

this week's fauxlaroid thursday is also a pic i uploaded for august break.  this picture is from not this past easter, but the one before.  don't they all look so tiny?  and ian, omg.  so stinkin' cute.  the best part of this pic, isobel.  does she look thrilled or what????!  lol.

i love changing old pics into fauxlaroids because i feel like it helps make them new again.  also, the processing is different on them than the original so you know.  that helps make it feel new too.

i'm thinking about giving away a cute little prize to the best link up for fauxlaroid thursday each week.  i don't want to bribe y'all, but i also really want people to link up with me!  what would you do?

are they not just the cutest kids ever???!

faularoid thursday

August Break 2012 

let's link up! :)

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