{back to school}

this year we have a child going into....

eighth grade

second grade




seriously, they are all important but i shouted the last two, cause COME ON!  huge events.  i just can't get over how big the kids are getting.  i also can't get over that next year, this post will say that we have one going into HIGH SCHOOL!  dear lord.

bailey and chloe are staying in their schools from last year, just moving on up a year.  ian is starting kindergarten.  now in our town, the kindergarten used to be this cute little school a few streets over from us.  so close we were actually "walkers".  not that we walked.  pfffft.  but they closed it and moved the kindergarten over to one of the bigger elementary schools. 

so my baby boy will be going on the bus to a school with very large fifth graders.  ughhhh.  but i think he'll love the bus.  i think he'll be excited about it.  and the best part, he takes the bus with chloe.  both ways cause it's full day kindergarten.  and, he has chloe's kindergarten teacher whom we absolutely adore.  {that's what writing a letter and requesting a teacher will get ya!!}

i LOVE full day kindergarten.  i never understood the half day thing.  i get that they are new to school but all our kids have done pre-school so they don't need that.  they need to be thrown right in to full day so that first grade isn't such a shock.  you know what i mean? 

isobel is starting pre-school this year.  she's potty trained wearing pull ups at night.  phewwww.  i wasn't sure we'd get that done before school started.  she's very excited and so am i.  except.  my baby is starting school.  my BABY.  how can she be going to school if she's a baby?  boo.  she has ian's teacher from last year whom we absolutely adore.  {is there an echo in here?} 

so yeah, that's it.  i'm sure i'll cry.  we have a couple of weeks left of vacation.  we don't go back until after the holiday this year.  i'll be back with more news and pictures of the cutest darn kids ever on their first day.  :)


  1. I'm the same way--I am fine with Kindergarten being all-day. I wondered if Coop would be tired after seven hours of school, but it did not phase him at all.

    Exciting stuff for the kiddos!

  2. i feel you! i'll have three in school, can't bear to send my little to preschool tho. (((hugs)) to you!