{fauxlaroid thursday}

y'all.  {i'm not even sure why i say y'all cause i am not southern.  however i have always dreamed of having an accent}  but anyways, y'all.  i want to start a linky party.  i need your help.   it's gonna be super cool.  promise!

i love polaroids.  who doesn't?  well i have two awesome ways to take a picture you took with any camera {dslr, point and shoot, phone} and make it into a "fauxlaroid" polaroid picture.  so download some software and let's get partying!

the first one i want to tell you about is free.  it's called {poladroid}.  you can download the software for free and then you literally drag and drop up to 10 pictures at a time into it.

here is a pic of it in action on my screen.

a couple of tips. make sure to go into the settings and look around. there are some things you can change to change the look of your photo.

i love poladroid cause it's fun and free. i don't like the limitations that it has. for example not being able to move the photo inside the poladroid and not being able to change the colors of it.

my next suggestion is instant by apple. it's an app for your mac and it's pricey. i think i paid 9.99 but let me tell you, best 9.99 i may have ever spent. maybe.

here is a screenshot of it since i can't figure out how to get you a link.
Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 9.54.48 PM

i love instant because there are over 30 different filters you can choose from and you can move the picture to choose what portion of it gets polaroided. yes that's a word. yes i just made it up.

so download one and let's get linking! :)

i'm going to show you a couple of examples of what i like about each this week to give you an idea of each program. one poladroid and one instant.

the poladroid is on the left and the instant on the right....

in this example, instant won hands down. in poladroid, it cut my head off. :)

in this example i kind of like poladroid better. i like how it cropped it better than i did in instant and the tones are more polaroidish to me. make sense?

so what are you waiting for? get linking. :)

faularoid thursday



  1. BRILLIANT! I am SO playing along!! :) Can't wait to get home tonight and post! :)

  2. yay! i can't wait to see your fauxlaroid! :)