{post vacation blues}

we are home from vacation and the first few moments were ahhhhhhhhhhhh we're finally home.  it's so nice to be home.  and then......  and then the whining started.  and the fighting.  and the tears.  and the need for one VERY VERY big glass of wine.  seriously i'm sitting here sipping on some sparkling water and there is wine in the fridge so i should be congratulated for only eating the rest of the donettes and not downing the last of the angel food wine.

all i ask.  ALL i ask is that they clean their room before dinner.  i don't even care if they kill each other in the process.  i'll deal with whining and crying and screaming and yelling and whining and did i mention crying if they'd just sit in there and do it.  but no.

and i'd LOVE to throw that nice vacation we just gave them in their face but they won't get it.  they just won't and it will make me hate all the things even more.  so you know what, when the oldest girl comes out and tells me that this is the worst day ever, i just shake my head, tell her i'm sure it is and send her to bed.  cause what else am i gonna do?

you know, besides drinking all the wine and eating the other bag of donettes before my love gets home from volleyball to rescue me.

boo.  so glad vacation is over.  not.


  1. I can so commiserate with you. Every summer the last two weeks of vaca are the exact same way, we have exhausted all activities and the kids are bored and cranky, and I am tired and frazzled. Alexa will clean her room- only if I am standing over her the entire time and making sure that she does not drift off to play with her dolls! Just one more day and school is back in session! :D

    1. i know huh? and this was just post mini NH vacation. our summer vacation isn't over for another two weeks! although {knock on serious wood} they've been good over all this summer. :)