{this is not good}

and by not good, i mean this is frickin' fantastic!!!!!!!  if you're a common reader here, you may understand my love for Crumbs.  or not! i just looked through my posts to link some up and there's nothing about crumbs. boo. well, when lisa and i planned our new york trip, it was sort of kind of planned around cupcakes. crumbs was on our list. we fell head over heals in love with their coconut cupcake. it is perfection in a paper cup. they beat out my local favorite of cupcake charlies by a landslide! no competition at all. so when we went to atlantic city, we made sure to map out a crumbs on the way home. it did not disappoint.

the only thing saving our waistlines is that they were so far away. sure we could have them shipped, but we're not THAT obsessed. so you can imagine my excitement and utter fear when i found out that opened one in boston. even more so that they are offering BOGO until the end of march. i'm sure i'll be posting some pics soon. ;)

Not good for my waistline

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  1. This is waaaay to close to my work. I am fat enough.