{77 - 83/366}

on st. patrick's day, we made our first corned beef and cabbage. well, really lisa made it. we cooked it in the slow cooker. it was good. i was scared because well, it's corned beef and cabbage. but i liked it and more importantly, the kids loved it!

i've really been into painting my nails lately. whenever i do mine, the kids want theirs done too. :)

i love this ice cream. omg. so good.

yes lisa and i hopped on the bandwagon. and omg. i wish we had read it sooner. it's fantastic.

bailey had his last game this week. the team made it to the second round of the playoffs. it was a good game but ultimately they lost by 6 points.

we try to do family game night often. it doesn't actually happen often, but when it does, it rocks. this night we played i spy and then fruit ninja!

me and my love. :) don't mind my squished face and my silly smile.


  1. Oh my goodness! That corned beef and cabbage looks delish!! Recipe please?

  2. These are great pictures! We did corned beef and cabbage too...Neel's half Irish, so we kinda had to! Cal liked to beef more than the cabbage! As soon as I started seeing that short, stubby nails were "in" (Thank you Rachel Zoe!), I got into painting my nails too. I'm LOUSY at it! Fun though!