it's been another long long week.  here's my week through my iPhone and my hipstamatic/instagram apps.

but first, who else hates the new blogger interface????  it's pretty and more 2012 but i HATE change.  there i said it.  boo.

i've got a lot this week. go grab some coffee {make sure to bring me one too} i'll wait....ok you're ready? oh and thanks for the coffee. just how i like it. :) last friday i spent my morning like this....reading the hunger games with my boy on my lap. it was perfection. :) IMG_0552
 it was also a flip flops and ripped capris kind of day. IMG_0558IMG_0557

my boys did some skateboarding.  :)


11:11 on programmed station number 11. fun. odd numbers are ok when they add up to even ones...just sayin'.


i painted my nails pretty. essie has these new luxe top coats. this one is tdf. and that pb? just as pretty in my book.

these killed my diet this week.


 i want this mug. it's gorg...


the little one got a haircut. better post with better pics to come. promise. IMG_0628 

 i got a smash journal. oh my perfection. here are a few of my favorite pages from it. SMASH 
 i had another perfect coffee date.

 me! :)


 two of the cutest baby boys who aren't mine ever.


 yesterday was my mommy's birthday. :)


i finally spent the amazon gift card that lisa's mom gave me for christmas. i got this phone case, some real film for my camera and the 50 shades of grey series. :) Untitled

life rearranged


  1. Is Lisa really as serious as she looks??? LOL!!!!!

    And I absolutely LOVE the house behind your son skateboarding!! Is that your house? If so, I'm jealous.

    P.S. I finally got my sister on board with Insta-Friday. :) I told her to comment here so you could go comment back! :)

  2. Gorgeous nails, gorgeous phone case, SO jealous of your reading Friday and coffee date! I love your Insta-Fridays! Callum begged Neel to take him to the Hunger Games AGAIN (he went with a friend last time...and get this: we always make Cal take $$ with him on outings like that and the friend's dad didn't have enough cash to get out of the parking garage so Cal had to pay!!!).

    Looks like you had a great week, dearie. xo