{when i answer some ?'s cause really i have nothing else today}

From my pal, {katie} I do not do these often, but you know, i had nothing else.  ;)

1. what is your favorite movie from the '80's?
i'm a big fan of a few 80's movies.  i would have to say my top three are the princess bride, the goonies and say anything.  {i'm a big big big john cusack fan}
2. do you have a celebrity crush?
yup.  adele.  nough said.
3. what is one quality you like about yourself?
that i have a big heart.
4. where would you go for a date night?
gosh we go so many places.  one of my recent favorite date nights was going to boston to club cafe.  we had an ahhhhhhmazing dinner.  seriously one of the best in a long time and then we danced the night away. 
5. if you could travel anywhere, where would you go? (money would not be an issue)
my list is entirely too long but one place close to the top is europe.  i really want to see london.
6. where is your favorite place to shop for you?
the only place i really shop is target.  i have to be looking for something specific to go somewher else.
7. who is your favorite author?
J.K. Rowling, hands down. 
8. can you speak a foreign language?
yo hablo espanol un poqito.
9. do you have any hobbies? if so, what?
i craft.  or better yet, i start crafts and never really finish them.  and photography.  i guess that would be a hobby.
10. what trait do you most admire most in a person? why?
a great sense of humor.  it's sexy.
11. if you could be on a reality TV show which one would it be?
big brother.  i would kill it in the bb house.


  1. Hee!

    I would be terrible in the BB house. I would be the one who forgot about the cameras and then was caught picking my nose and be forever known as the girl picking her nose on BB. :D

  2. Oh! I love these! I'm so glad you answered them! I craft just the way you do, and I would never survive the BB house. EVER. And now I have to go because I have a puppy on my lap like a nursing baby and apparently she wants me to rub her belly. :)