look at this blast from the past. this is a picture from the killingly ct. target's planorma. it must have been almost four years ago?


i resgistered ian for kindergarten last friday. these are my feet on the gym floors waiting to sign my baby boy away errrrr, register him.


lisa and i had our first kool kone of the season. it's a townie summer place that serves the best damn fish and chips ever.


i bought some new nail polish this week. three different purples just because the names were photography related. shhhhhhhhhhhhh. don't tell anyone how much of a sucker i am for branding.

{also don't mind the nasty dry cuticles in that last one}

i wore my fancy shoes this week.

the wareham boys high school basketball team won the division championship and got to play at the garden this week. {how freakin' cool for them!} they were actually undefeated going into the game. lisa and i brought bailey. unfortunately, they lost. but we all had a great time!

lisa and i saw the bruins flag from winning the cup in person for the first time. we haven't been to a game this year.

this week i worked out. :)

i also got this adorable pic of my boy.

i had this wrap which was heavenly. it was chicken salad, lettuce, carrots and red onion in a low carb wrap. yummmmmmmm.

i wore my "everyday i'm snuffling" tshirt to the gym.

lisa was very excited that VCU won the game last night. she went 12 for 12 this week. whatever that means.

before registering isobel for pre-k today {yes you heard that right} we went to the coffee shop. isobel loved these flowers and the kids shared a banana.

on our way into the school. {don't mind that piece of toast in the background. it's actually not even there. it's an optical illusion.}

on the way to target today this happened.

at target these things happened. although the coffee didn't come home with me. {yet}

on the way home, this happened. :)

there you have it. my week. give or take a few hundred pics.

life rearranged

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  1. I lovelovelove this post! I love branding, I love toast I don't see, I love that those boys got to play at MSG and you went to see it. I don't love signing kids up for kindy, but I'm glad you got pictures. AND I love your flats. Kudos for working out. Too many headaches for me this week, but I upped my meds and tomorrow is another day. xo