{living in the moment...february}

my wonderfully talented friend {jude} shoots a whole day of her life on the last day of each month with the idea of "living in the moment".  those little moments that happen throughout the day that are "real".

here is our february 29th.  it was a wednesday.  i got up with the kiddos and let lisa sleep in.  then we hung out for a bit and she headed off to the gym and then to work for the night.  i fed the kids lunch and then dropped them off at their dad's and headed to work for the night also.  i did get a crappy half hearted attempt at a jumping shot in at the very last minute since it was leap day and all.  ;)

so this is a typical wednesday for us.  unfortunately, bailey isn't any of these and chloe and lisa in very few.  some days we just aren't all together all day.  but fortunately, most other days we are.  hopefully one of these will fall on one of those days soon.

wednesdays also seem to be the days that i work that i can pamper myself the most while getting ready.  i did the no heat curls, hence the headband=bedhead pic.  



  1. What a neat project! I love how many of those every day moments you captured so beautifully!

  2. Awesome job capturing a day in your lives!!! It's so hard getting everyone together but that is real life. Your hair looked fabulous, darling!

  3. I adore this post!!!! LOVE that you captured putting your mascara on.... and I NEED one of those polaroid cameras!