{the engagement story} {aka the 100th post!!!!}

on may 14, 2011, my life changed.  again.  i became officially engaged to my beautiful fiance.  we were in disney with by bff jen and the kids.  we had planned it out so that jen and i got a day kid free and lisa and i got a night kid free.  it was perfect.  fast forward to lisa and i's night.  it had been a loooooooooong wet day.  we got caught in torrential downpours earlier in the day.  i was tired.  and i was tired of being wet.  we got dressed up and headed out.  i knew that we had dinner reservations at the Kona Cafe.  (we had gone there the previous year during our first disney trip together, so it was special).  :)  then the plan was to head over to magic kingdom to watch the fireworks at The Tommorowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party

so we head over to the Polynesian.  it is a gorgeous resort.  we went there for a visit on our last trip as well, so we headed out to the water to take a peek.  there are beautiful views of the Seven Seas Lagoon and some of the other resorts.  while out there, lisa had us walking all over looking for a missing hammock.  at this point, i was hungry, tired and i didn't want my flip flops to get wet on the grass, so i was irritated.  i told her that we were there a year ago and that they have probably moved the damn hammock.  (i get a little prickly when i'm hungry and tired).  we followed a walkway and came to this.....
what a beautiful view.  it framed the castle perfectly!  so then i grab my iphone to take some pics.  :)  while taking my pics, lisa took this of herself....
and this of me....don't i look enthused?!

what i didn't know that while i was trying to take a panoramic picture of the view,  (i'd show it to you, but my iphone was tragically killed by a drop of milk the next day.  but that's another story for another time) lisa was dancing around behind me with the ring waiting for me to turn around.  i was done with my iphonetography and went to leave.  time to eat!  lisa grabbed my attention and when i turned around, she was holding a ring box.  "are you serious right now?"  quote unquote of what i said to her.  which, if you know us, is perfect.  ;)  she said yes and told me how wonderful, smart, beautiful and all around the best person in the world that i am.  well, not exactly, but that part is hers and mine forever and i'm not willing to share.  i of course said YES!!!!  we were forehead to forehead crying and when i opened my eyes to finally look at the ring, it was perfect. 
we are pretty darn cute huh??!
we were of course taking pics of ourselves, but i wanted a nice pic of both of us taken by someone else. another couple had started walking towards our spot and i made lisa ask them to take our picture. they were very sweet. i don't remember where they were from but they had come to this spot to check it out because their daughter was getting married there the next day. :)
we went in to dinner and had someone take our pic in front of the waterfall in the polynesian. you can see last year's pic here!

then it was time for dinner.  it was so yummy.  i didn't take pics of it.  i had iphonetography of it, but alas, the milk incident of 2011.  did i mention that this very special night fell during the Bruins game?  A very important Bruins game?  it did.  it was game one of the Eastern Conference Finals against Tampa.  that's how much she loves me.  she'd miss a game for me.  an Eastern Conference Finals game.  well, kind of......
she did check the score a few times. :)
this was the view from our seats at dessert....
this was the dessert....Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. so good!
one more check on the score
and then the fireworks began.





after the fireworks we went on some rides and went to my favorite store in Disney. Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe and got each kid an ornament and one for us. it's become a tradition. i love it. then we took some pics....of course.

again, we had a stranger take a better pic of us. :)
poor lisa....it was a long day.
it was the perfect night.  just perfect.  in every way possible.  i'm lucky to have someone love me as much as lisa does to go through all the trouble it takes to pull something like this off.  i'm lucky to be her fiance.