{nervous today}

i have a doctor's appt today.  one that i made yesterday.  yes.  yesterday.  it's not a routine appt.  and it's not my asthma.  asthma doesn't make me nervous anymore.  i have it.  3/4 of my kids have it.  asthma i can handle.  i have an ummmmmmmmmmmmmm issue i guess.  i will blog about it after i go.  i'm sure it's nothing.  well, it's something but i'm sure it's nothing serious.  just something i'm going to have to take care of.  :)

now i feel like i probably have you all scared.  don't be scared.  i'm fine.  i just don't like going to the doctors for myself.  i'm brave and strong when anyone else in my life goes, but when i go i panic.  i always think the worst.  that ting in your arm?  cancer.  that pain in your belly?  cancer.  you're eyes are blurry?  cancer. 

in case you can't tell, i have a slightly irrational fear of cancer.  i am also slightly convinced that i will someday have some sort of cancer.  it runs in both sides of my family and i've always in the back of my mind thought... "yup.  it's gonna happen".  don't get me wrong.  i totally foresee it being a beatable cancer and me kicking it's ass.  but still.  maybe i need to go to a dr about that.  lol. 

anyways, i'll bore you all with the details later when i get back.  for now, here's a happy picture to get all the sick talk out of your heads.  ;)

this one's fun.  who sticks their pillow in a plastic bin and then sleeps on it?  my kids.  that's who. 

What's with the plastic bin?!


  1. Praying everything is ok. She's so cute.

  2. Oh my gosh, you sound just like me. I think everything is cancer. I hope your appointment goes smoothly and that everything is just fine.

  3. I hope everything is ok.
    Cancer, pffft...get outta here! (as George Costanza would say)

  4. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.