"since 1953, the legendary Missoni fashion house has been known worldwide for it's eclectic mix-and-match patterns, colors and textures.  Now Missoni brings it's iconic Italian lifestyle to you with the exclusive Missoni for Target collection".  Target website

unless you're living under a rock you've heard of the Missoni for Target line that got released this week.  Target released it on tuesday am.  it's insane.  pure insane.  the store was super busy.  we had people buying this stuff up like it was water before a nuclear blast.  seriously.  all you crazies even crashed the Target.com website.  four times!  while i will admit that *some* of it is fairly cute, in my personal opinion, most of it is ugggggggggggggggggggggggggly.  and the stuff i think is cute, i think is only cute to me because i know so many people love it.  i'm a follower like that. 

but some of the crazies that were in here buying thousands of dollars worth of stuff are actually pretty smart.  much smarter than myself apparently.  because a lot of them are buying it to sell it on ebay and craigslist for 4 or 5 times what they paid.  now that's smart business.  ;)  seriously.  if you search ebay or craigslist you'll see all kinds of crazy markups.  like this skirt going for $102. right now on ebay.  it was no more than $30 in store.  nice profit.

here are some of the things i like.  of course, they are all gone.  but they are cuteish....

these cell phone cases are cute. they are 29.99 each which is reasonable. but the cuter zigzag ones are sold out on the website.
phone case 1phone case 2

these two crib quilts i actually LOVE. can't wait to see what my photographer friends do with them. they are also sold out on the website. :(
quilt 1quilt 2

i thought this make up case was cute too.

this bike i thought was just plain weird. i don't get it.

here are some of the "looks" from the website. i guess if i actually looked like the models i'd think they were cuter. right?!
look 11look 11 modellook 22look 22 modellook 20look 20 modellook 1look 1 modellook 19look 19 model

and SERIOUSLY??????! a pant suit? now if you were someone who bought this pant suit, i'm sure you look ahhhhhhhhhmazing in it. {like the model pictured} ;) but omg gross.
jumpsuitjumpsuit model

i also don't get the standing on tip toe thing the models do or why they show girls with shoes and under garments together. do the girls have a sheet aversion and they have to wear shoes so the sheets won't touch their feet?! it's just weird.

and to make this blog post just a bit more personal, i was totally planning on trying on all the stuff the models have on but alas i could only find one shirt that i could squeeze my fat butt {or gut} in. here it is. and because i'm a glutton for pain, i added one of the pretty model in it too. enjoy!

me in shirtme in shirt 2

i look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cuter. right?!

{disclaimer: all the photos except the crappy iphonetography photos were not taken by me. they are all from the target website}

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