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yesterday was a big day.  it was the first day of 7th grade for bailey and the first day of 1st grade for chloe.  it was also chloe's first time taking the school bus.  she was a "walker" for kindergarten.  everyone was excited and maybe a little nervous.

here are some pics of the boy.  there aren't as many as the girl, well, because the thought of someone seeing him having pictures taken is so incredibly embarrassing.  ;)



and he's off!
 isn't he handsome? that first one of him might be my favorite pic of him ever. he looks like such a man. he's growing up too fast! there are many more of the girl.....are you ready? the girl getting on the bus was kind of a big deal. everybody had to be there of course. unfortunately daddy had to work so it was just going to be lisa and i. we were going to video tape it and send it to daddy and then chloe had planned with daddy to pretend tuesday {when he was going to get her on the bus for the first time} was the first time. she's cute. well while getting ready we got a text from jess asking if she and will could come to the bus stop....of course! so we went down thinking jess and will were down there {which they were} but so was daddy! he surprised chloe. she was so happy! now her whole family was there to see her. mommy and lisa and daddy and jess. and of course all the kids. :)

ian had to get in on the picture action. he loves his chloe bug.

chloe wanted a picture of hers, ian's and will's shadows. will wasn't having it.
so they went to will. ;)
IMG_1938sharp IMG_1937sharp
walking to the bus stop!

and she's off!

chloe was very nervous about school. when i asked her why she said "it's such a big school". i reassured her that she would be fine. when she came home i asked her how it was. she said "it was the best first day ever!". yay. i asked bay about his day. he said "it was boring". at least he's honest. ;)

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  1. I love these photos. So glad the first day was a good one.