{food that someone must make/bake for me 3}

omg!  these salted caramel chocolate shortbread bars look so heavenly.  someone please please please make them for me?  please?????????

these are from Annie's Eats.  she makes the most ahhhhhhhmazing food.  and her blog is pretty.  i'm such a sucker for pretty blogs.  go check her out.  add a bookmark.  subscribe.  make me her recipes and send them along.  ;)

salted caramel shortbread bars


  1. These look sooo yummy! I have them pinned on interest too but have yet to make them. I have a feeling if I do my boys would threaten my life if I said I was mailing them off to someone ;)

  2. I don't think you'd have to tell them. It could be a secret. Maybe some fell on the floor and needed to be thrown away. Or, maybe some were compromised with an unkown toxic ingredient...you never know. baking is tricky. ;)

  3. Devine! She's got a great blog too! Thanks for the share!