{weight loss}

i can't tell you how many times i've typed that post title in the life of this blog.  quite a bit.  i even posted a picture of my weight last february.  you can see that post here.  you know what? here it is again. why not?   i'm not ashamed.  this is me.


and even though i've only really gained four pounds since that picture was taken, everything has moved.  and my moved i mean sagged.  you know what i mean.  the great weight shift.

so here we are again.  losing weight.  on a diet.  and succeeding.  so far.

i'm doing a combo of the 17 day diet and weight watchers.  kind of my own thing.  i've been attempting to eat healthier and lose some lb's for almost two weeks.  i'm down six pounds.  yay!

basically i'm eating low carb, high protein.  this is what i did a while back and lost a good bit of weight.  and then life happened.  yeah, sucks.  i know.

but i don't want to be this woman who is constantly on a diet but always fat.  so i'm trying to not think of it as a diet but as a lifestyle change.  which is what everyone says.  but is it that easy?  no.

i'm trying though.  and i'm talking about it again here to hold myself accountable.  so help keep me accountable would ya?  and if you have any great recipes or blogs that you think would help, please pass them along.

yay for healthy eating.  oh, and i'm working out more.  which i love and don't hate at all.  seriously.  no sarcasm here.

my immediate goal is 15 pounds.  my overall goal is 50.  {that's a big number y'all}

{down 6 of 15}


  1. Rock on with your bad self! Six lbs.is a kickin' start, way to go. I tried a Pure Barre class a few weeks ago and I was sore for days. I have heard good things about CrossFit but it is a little extreme for me.

  2. WTG Angela! We like to eat healthy and I found this site a while back that has healthy yet delicious recipes and most are very easy to prepare. www.skinnytaste.com
    I am on a private board on FB where we try to encourage each other with our eating and exercise goals. Everyone's journey is different. Some want to lose, others maintain but regardless both the encouragement and accountability are great. I'll send you an invite :)