{we went to the mountains!}

lisa and i went to NH this past weekend with some friends.  i love NH.  specifically north conway.  i used to go up there with my first husband and i've always been in awe of how beautifully gorgeous the mountains are.  also, north conway is a super duper cute town.

i took a lot of pictures of two things.  the scenic pull off showing mt. washington in the distance and the river on the kancamagus highway where the covered bridge is.  that's it.  lol.  i didn't bust out my dslr for anything else.  i do have quite a bit of iphone pics of the rest of it though.

for now i'm going to share some pics of mt. washington.  this pull off is so pretty.  the whole scene is just awe inspiring. 



i love this little body of water over here.  it's just perfection isn't it?

even far away it's presence is amazingly huge.

i always bring stalker lens with me when we go to the mountains.  you can just see the tower thing that is on top of mt. washington here.


do you see that pretty house there?

i'm not actually sure if it's a house or a hotel.  ????  i really don't know.  but it's totally gorg huh?

just look at the amazing view they must have!!!

do you have any places that you just love to escape to?  someplace not so far away that you can go to on a whim?


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm from New Mexico and we're surrounded by mountains, which is why I think I love them so much. So peaceful :)

  2. beautiful! My husband and I went to the mountains in NC last month for a 2 night get away...it was beautiful. I've always been more of a beach person but can def appreciate the beauty of the mountains . Glad you had such a wonderful mini vacay!