{sunday social....3/17}

1.  Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
 - sit at home and do nothing.  read.  curl up and be warm.

2.  Favorite thing to do on a Summer weekend?
 - enjoy the warm weather and being able to be outside with my family.  beach, s'mores, awesomeness.



3.  Favorite spring accessory?
 - flip flops!  not really just spring.  as soon as it's warm enough.

4.  Favorite way to spend a winter day?
 - read number one.  lol

5.  What is your favorite Season and why?
 - fall.  the leaves.  the smell.  the clothes.  hello jeans and sweaters!  the apples.  the peaceful feeling.  the  beauty of it.

6.  Best birthday you ever had?
 - oh idk.  i had a surprise birthday when i was little and then when i was 16.  but pretty much all of my birthdays have rocked.  i have awesome people in my life that love me.


Sunday Social


  1. Okay, the ice cream thing might be a LITTLE weird. :D

    I am sorry that you cannot respond to this comment--when I turned on Google Plus, it knocked me back to the nocomment email status which is hella annoying. I cannot figure out how to fix it. >:|