{cadbury mini eggs}

i, among a lot of people have a great love for cadbury mini eggs.  they are in my humble opinion the best candy on the face of the planet.  ever.  i mean what's not to love?  that crispy shell with all that yummy sweet milky chocolate underneath?  bonus.

while in high school i would eat bag upon bag.  they would sit next to my bed and i'd eat them in my sleep.  now?  not so much.  my ass has turned into a cadbury mini egg.  in my older age i also find that now is the time of year that i tend to be "dieting".  you know those shorts will be out soon and i want to look the best i can in my bikini.  bwahahahaha.  seriously though i tend to always pick now to try to lose those winter pounds.  i have however already had my one bag for this year.  yeah buddy.   


my love affair with cadbury mini eggs can be solely blamed on my great grandmother.  mammy.  mammy lived in the cutest little old house on the corner of the street.  i have such fond memories of her and her house.  at christmas time we'd collect princess pine and make wreaths.  we picked some sort of vegetable that lived in her yard.  snow peas maybe?  she had my favorite little golden book ever.  i wish i could remember the title.  it was so pretty.  colors everywhere. 

any way i remember sitting at her kitchen table and there was a little bowl with the cutest little purple bags of candy in it.  of course she shared with me.  she was the sweetest woman ever.  i remember loving them instantly.  i think i probably cleaned her right out that day.  i've always been able to pound some chocolate.  so that's where my love of my candy kryponite came from.  my dear sweet mammy.


  1. I'm obsessed with these! Also, I need to know more about your blog name!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. I adore those chocolatey goodies too...actually, this weekend when we were at Target - I took my hubby's hand, dragged him to the Easter aisles and pointed, saying, "Those. Those are the chocolates I want for Easter!"
    Cadbury Mini-Eggs...swoon!

  3. OMG throw some my way! Love these little jewels! I saw a recipe on Pinterest for Blondie Cadbury Egg brownies, ummm YUM?!? Ha!