{fauxlaroid thursday...10/18}

fauxaroid thursday is back!  please come link up below!  this week i went a bit crazy.  i kind of fauxlaroided a crap ton of pictures the other night.  sometimes it's just my favorite thing to do.  anywho....

go {here} to find out how to make your own fauxlaroids! 


1.  look at how tiny we both were!  2.  one of my favorite pics from our dating days. 3. awwwwwwww  4.  them at ikea.  cuteness overload.  5.  love the pics my old phone took.  6.  target!  don't they look thrilled?
7.  this may be the cutest pic ever.  8.  target again!  and those paci's....  9.  super sweet boy.

faularoid thursday

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