{hurricane sandy}

let me just say, this hurricane better still be a hurricane when it gets here tomorrow.  we really got the short end of the stick on that one.  i blogged about hurricane irene a lot last year.  like a lot.  i was prepared.  if you're interested there are some posts.....

       here and

for this storm?  nothing.   i haven't blogged about it.  i haven't prepared for it.  at all.  until today.  nothing like the last minute huh?

i ran to walmart {i know} for water on the way home from a birthday party. there was not water in sight. i started grabbing individual vitamin waters just to not have to leave empty handed. then i gave in and headed over to housewares for disposable bread loaf pans. what says hurricane food more than banana bread??! well on our way over i saw an employee pulling a pallet of gallons of spring water. i had bay chase him down for me and grab two. he's such a good kid. and voila! water AND banana bread. bring it on sandy.

oh we're making cookies too. we know how to hurricane it up!

i stopped by the beach on the way home and it's already so windy out.

here's a short video of the wind for ya.  :)

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  1. i love a good storm too! last year hurricane Irene landed in the middle of my lifestyle session. lol the kids are going to be bummed if they miss out on Halloween tho! tail end of Sandy supposed to arrive the 31st. i must get ready myself! i love how you prepare for it! lol i hope it doesn't disappoint! stay safe!! x