{some awesome crap i found on pinterest that i will never buy/make/cook}

if y'all are anything like me, you pin lots and lots of crap but will probably never do any of it. yeah. i wanted to share some of the awesome stuff i've pinned lately. :)

these are all from my "things i want to make" board...

these are cutest darn things ever.  now that my store doesn't process film anymore, idk how i'd get the empty ones but such a simple but very awesome idea.

i love me some shrinky dinks.  is there anything you can't do with shrinky dinks???

this is a post about how to make a bowl but at the end she had these keychains and ornaments.

we do a lot of family movie nights.  i'd love to make one of these for each kid for christmas....

these crayon arts are GORGEOUS.  there are so many different ones on pinterest right now.
Source: indulgy.com via Angela on Pinterest


  1. i want to make a shrinky dink ring! how on earth - urgh forget i asked, everything on pinterest is for people with far more patience than me :|

    Aaron made me one of those crayon art thingies - i love it (and him!)

    i want to make ornaments with you guys this Christmas.... wouldn't that be a cute playdate/photo op? xoxoxox

    1. we can totally make shrinky dink rings together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. just put the crayons in your hot glue gun to make the Crayola art. It works! And thanks for stopping by and commenting!! if you like please follow along :)

    1. ooooooh that's a great idea! and i already followed via my blog reader but just joined your site as well! :)