{the potty training regression}

you know what sucks about potty training?  the regression...you know...when they start pooping everywhere.

we're in that phase it seems.  last night while my sweet demon child was in the tub she mentioned that she had to poop.  lisa asked her if she already had.  she said no.  end of story.

i didn't know this happened.  i was out clearing my mind walking cause my love rocks.  later on, i reached in to drain the tub and I TOUCHED THE POOP.

how?  i know right?  why would i just reach in and grab on to the big mushy poop in the tub?  who does that??????  well we use oatmeal in our baths around here so the water was cloudy.  and full of poop.  who knew?  as i reached in, i thought it was a big clump of oatmeal that hadn't dissolved because that is mushy too.  i actually picked it up and moved it away from the drain.  right??  and then i smelled it.  i stood there watching the tub drain......

that wasn't poop.  it couldn't be.  how could she poop and lisa not know?  wouldn't there be poop on her when she got out?  hmmmm i think i can see it.  but i'd be able to see the oatmeal too.  that's darker than the water,  right?  no.  definitely poop.  right?  i think so.  smells like poop.  {yes, i smelled my fingers}  definitely poop.  don't yell.  just wait.  it's getting darker.  maybe it's not poop.  i shouldn't yell yet.  but it's got to be poop.  it's got to be.  how is it poop?  how did she poop in the tub???????????????  yup.  poop.  isobel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gross.  cut to today.  mommy, mommy, i have to poop!  ok, let's go.  so she sits on the potty and nothing happens.  this happens sometimes.  so she got down to play some.

five minutes later....

mommy, mommy, i have to poop!
ok,  go get on your potty.
ehhhhh, i don't have to right now.
isobel, please don't have an accident.
i won't!

two minutes later after running from her room, to the living room and back to her room......

mommy i think i had an accident.



  1. oh ma gah.... just hope she doesn't start painting with it - oh yeah, it happened. and i'm scarred for life by it

  2. lol. all mine have pooped in the tub at one point or another when they were little. the warm bath water makes them want to go. it's never a fun mess to clean up. lol

    1. most of mine have too. i've just never picked it up before. lol!

  3. Even though potty training is many years in my boy's past I vividly remember the poop in the tub episodes. lol Soooo gross. I feel your pain!! Nothing worse that touching poo and having to clean it out of the tub. Oh, and the second bath is no fun either.