guys i am addicted to this song.  like put it on repeat and never ever take it off addicted.  yay for DMB and yay for free songs from starbucks!

Slightly obsessed with this song right now.

fall is here!

i may have gone a bit crazy with the instants.  it's so much fun!

both of these happened this week.  i have no shame.

cute girls.  just realized this is a boy free post this week.  oooops.

so kodak gallery machines suck.  you can go on and print your fb pics which is great but you can also print other people's pics.  not so great.  i had one of my friends log in to check it out.  boooooo fb.

hot toy this year....got mine!  ;)

she may have been super duper extra tired yesterday.

has anyone read this???

me and my baby girls.  

i dontate A LOT of clothes to a co-worker today.  i started seeing cute baby stuff through the bags and almost couldn't do it.

she fell asleep on top of me today.  she's got a rough life.  lol.

and i know there's a lot of isobel in this post but this is too cute not to share!  :)

and.....a coffee date with {alissa} over at rags to stitches.  

life rearranged


  1. I love that brand of gelato - what a treat! I am debating buying the new DMB cd - sounds like it's a keeper! Happy Weekend!

  2. I HAVE read that book. I reviewed it, too. :)

    Love the pics and yay for video and hearing your voice. Fun!

  3. ahahaha your videos always make me laugh, you're so cute.
    What do I drink? hmmmm....this sounds so incredibly boring but I love ice water...I know, snooze-fest. I stopped drinking coffee
    so much last year sometime and I love when I stopped I noticed I wasnt having a racing heart all the time, so for that reason alone,
    not a big drinker of the coffee anymore.
    I do have a slight addiction to very berry hibiscus refreshers from Starbucks...that is a far too expensive addiction too. And its got caffeine in it right?
    something about green coffee beans? I dont know, I just drink them!

  4. those fall leaves look amazing!!! oh, and so does that gelato...I have seen that in the market....think we need to try it! happy Friday!