{just like me}

you know how you can look at each of your children and see yourself in them?  and i'm not just talking about them having your nose or your eyes.  i'm talking about personality and mannerisms.  attitude.  stubbornness.  patience.  you get my point.

chloe is a lot like me.  she loves to read, draw and generally be artistic.  we tuck them in at night and then we always check on them one last time before we head to bed.  this is how we found chloe a couple of weeks ago.  she was {sneakily} drawing in the dark in bed and fell asleep mid-turtle.  notice the pencil.  so cute.  {oh and the socks on the hands?  it's the only way we can keep the girls from scratching their eczema at night} 

what traits do your children have of yours?


  1. Lol aw, what a dedicated little artist! My daughter is mostly like her dad, but she does have my stubbornness! PS I have eczema too, have you tried hazelwood jewelry and/or cream?

  2. that's adorable - i love her, Danny cannot wait to meet her (and i hope she teaches him how to draw turtles:)