i hope you all had a fantastic week!  i'm actually linking up on friday.  i know right?!  i didn't put any 4th pics in cause i only used my iPhone so i'm going to do a separate post for those.  here are some shots from our week.  :)

me and my love.
Me and my love.  :)

i have an app called cupcakes that i love.  it has the cutest wallpaper for my phone ever.  it's not free but she updates it every month and adds some.  they just came out with a frame one as well.  i made this cute frame wallpaper for my lock screen.  the pic is courtesy of my good friend {carol}.  :)

isn't she lovely?  and us.  :)

someone at target once dropped their keys down one of these.  that would suck and i try not to park next to them.  this day, i held on to my keys super tight.  91 isn't super hot, i know but it's hot for us.

lol!  this magnet is on lisa's mom's fridge.  love it.

there is a white board message thing when you walk in the door at lisa's mom's house.  i noticed this when we visited the other day.  she told me it's been there for a while but i've never noticed.  isn't he cute?

i was happy to see that my "no heat curls" headband curl thing still works with my short hair.

lisa's store was raising money for the united way by putting jars up with all the manager's name.  the manager who had the most money in their jar had to wear a tutu and sing twinkle twinkly little star at the morning huddle.  guess who "won"!  ;)

how my babe watches tv.

our local movie theater has free movies in the summer.  woo hoo!

my boy got stung by his first bee yesterday.  he was trying to pick it up.  he loves bugs!  lisa swung back by to see me at work and i brought him some ice.  he didn't cry.  i may have.  just sayin'.


i bought my first long maxi skirt thing yesterday.  i didn't know what i was missing!

he's the only one in his class that jumps in without floaties and a noodle.  so proud!

i got this in a text from lisa this morning.  we used to joke about how i had a whole cargo ship of baggage when we started dating.

her very time out in the corner.  she cried.  i cried.  lisa laughed at me.  the end.

life rearranged



  1. Looks like a great week!! I giggled at Lisa in a tutu! Love it.
    Time outs are hard, but worth it in the end.

  2. You always look like you have the best weeks!! Corner time outs suck... I cried the first couple of times that Lucy stood there bawling, now I just laugh at her. I'm terrible, I know. Your no-heat curls turned out great! Mine always come out a giant frizzy mess and then turn into a big flop. I gave up on them. And isn't Cupcakes the greatest?? LOVE the fun new wallpapers each month!! Have a fabulous weekend my dear!!

  3. Love the magnet! Thanks for sharing.