{can't you just give me a kiss on the head or something}

while watching tv today a commercial came on with a mother and daughter.  the daughter was on her bed with her laptop and her mother came in the room.  the mother said something about "i wanted to talk to you about being safe but it would turn into a talk about sex so make sure you're safe on the internet". then she said "i'm just going to come over and kiss you on the head so i can peak at your computer screen".

so i turned to bailey and.....

me:  "do you need me to talk to you about being safe on the internet or with sex?"

bailey: "no."

me:  "are you sure?  cause i'll totally be that awkward mom and have those conversations with you.  i don't care."

bailey:  "can't you just kiss me on the head or something?"

ahhhhhhhh nothing like mortifying your 13 year old boy.

p.s. i looked and looked for the commercial to post here and just couldn't find it.  boo.

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