{hand, foot and mouth....aka....misery}

this is how Sunday night was spent.


at children's hospital. in boston. boo. izz went to the doctor sunday afternoon cause she woke up with bad skin. bad skin isn't abnormal around here. we have eczema. nasty bad ezcema. but this was different. we all agreed she needed to be seen. jess brought her to plymouth. the dr. {not our normal dr} walked in and said boston it is.

so we went.


and it was horrible. the first dr. that came in looked at it and was talking about keeping her. they weren't sure what it was but had an idea. more and more doctors came in and eventually a specialist came in and said that she was putting her on an oral med. yay. but did that mean we could leave?


there were lots of popsicles that made her tongue red.


lots of tv and iphone playing done. and she wasn't miserable the entire time. not like all the adults that were starving. we were cranky.


finally the first dr. came in. she swabbed one of her sores and told us we were going home. woo woo.

we were to follow up with her dr. and have them call for the results. so we did and our dr. said that it was not what boston thought she had and that it was hand, mouth and foot which is apparently as common as the common cold. just boo.  and just for kicks, our girls will get it worse than your typical kid because of their eczema.  awesome.

on the way home we took in the boston sights with our windows down.


and now. well now {well yesterday} ian woke up throwing up and when i finally got a good look at chloe, well she has that damn HMF too. can we catch a break this week??????

here's a cute video of izz trying to see her red tongue. :)

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  1. Poor baby :( Her hands look miserable. I hope she is on the mend now.