{how steve carell and i became best friends}

back in 2009 adam sander and group were in town filming "Grownups". now, steve carell and toni collette are here filming "The Way Way Back". except this time they are actually in the village where we live. today i couldn't get into my driveway because steve carell was blocking it in the station wagon they are using for the film waiting for the director to start the scene. so now, we're bffs.  i mean really i had to sit in a hot mini van with four whiny kids asking me if they could "watch the movie".  i think he owes me a coffee and bff status for life.

i'm hoping they are still in town tomorrow so i can get some shots of them. :)

here is the shot i took of the back of the station wagon with my phone....


here are some articles i found online about it if you're interested.


steve {i can call him steve cause we're buddies even if he doesn't know it yet} took time out of shooting to chat with the locals.


here's a pic of steve and toni walking down the street that i live on! :)

and here is the first movie poster.

all the pics are from {the real steve carell blog} except for my crappy iPhone pic up there.  :)


  1. Oh wow! How fun and frustrating at the same time. He does owe you coffee! Are you a fan? I think he's wicked funny and Toni Collette is a frickin' gifted actress. Won't it be cool to see your street on the big screen?

    1. i think he's funny for sure. it was pretty cool. i can't wait to see the movie and see my little town in it! :)

  2. I'm not a huge celebrity follower, but I just LOVE stuff like that! Tom Hanks has been in my town filming a movie based on the story about the boat captain and the pirates a year or so back. And I want to SEE HIM!

    1. oooooooh interesting! tom hanks would be huge to see. i didn't actually see steve just his car but it was still neat. :)

  3. It's kind of cool but uncool that you were stuck in your car w/the kids. Def. BFF status. For ever and a day!