hey y'all! i've been saying that a lot lately huh? actually i say that a lot anyways. weird. anywho, how has your week been? i missed insta-friday and my weekly vlog that i link up to rags to stitches for. hoping to maybe get one done later in the week. i know you all love to see me. :)

here are some pics i took this week....

i've been trying to drink lots and lots of water. this cup is perfect for that. i've also been throwing some fresh cut up lemons and limes in there. for one, lemons are supposed to help boost your metabolism and for two, it makes the water yummier. win. win.

i'm sure you've heard that we went to a hot air balloon festival. or not depending on where you're visiting the blog from. if you're a newbie, hi newbie!!!! thanks for stopping by!

this is me. completely. i HAVE TO HAVE this shirt.

my god she is cute, silly and perfect.

this salad was amazeballsing.

her hand foot and mouth is going away but in it's wake is super bad eczema skin since we haven't been able to put anything on it.

yesterday we went to big bass pro shops for the first time. it was cool.
how's that last one for an awkward photo huh? lol.

and yes, i made them smile in front of the moose!

finally, i started my own linky party. fauxlaroid thursday. please link up your favorite pics as polaroids. i show you how to do it easy peasy in {this} post.
fauxlaroid thursday

life rearranged

{what do you think of this? too big? too small? not cute???}


  1. I love Bass Pro! Sounds hillbilly, but what a great way to spend an afternoon :)

  2. I am going to do a Vlog! You inspired me. :D