sing it with me now.....YMCA!

the fam and i have a family membership to the Y. last year they installed this awesome outdoor pool. it has a great shallow part for the kids to run around in and play. this proves helpful because they are actually afraid to get wet. when their faces get wet, they flip the heck out. i have NO idea where they would get such a ridiculous fear from...insert a not from me type whistle here....lol.

here are some snaps from the last time we went. lisa thought that we should see if izz likes the water yet...

she did here....looks like fun!
going in....
omg! get me out of here!
looks like she loved it huh? nope she was screaming mommy the whole time and lisa claims that little izz's nails dug right into her.
she did end up having a great time. and she got wet. apparently the big mean waterfall is not ok, but the water slide is! we did not get pics of that but maybe next time. :)

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