it's just plain awesomesauce!....

I've started a new common post called "it's just plain awesomesauce"! i see stuff {mostly at target cause i spend ALL of my life there} all the time that just rocks. so now, i'm going to smush it all on you!
you can see the last installment here!

this installment consists of the second best shirt ever. it's for smaller boys so there's no way it will even fit the left side of me but if it were women's i'd be wearing it right now. i'm still not convinced i don't need it. maybe i can make something out of it....right?!?!

the best part, besides the comedy of it, it's scratch and sniff! yes! you heard me right. scratch and sniff. so you can smell like cookies all day. {not sure if this is a good thing for my ass or not}.

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