{i love me a good storm}

if you are one to get mad at me for hoping for a hurricane, click away now.  go ahead, do it.  you don't want to read any further.  i love storms.  a good thunderstorm stirs up excitement in me.  a good hurricane, well, that is just a beautiful thought.  let me throw a disclaimer in here for those of you that didn't click away but should have; i DO NOT wish for people to get hurt or for there to be an extraordinary amount of damage.  trust me.  but the idea of bunkering down the hatches and waiting out a storm just makes my week.  it's different.  it's exciting.  and hurricanes, as ugly and monstrous as they are, are gorgeous awe inspiring things to me.  the simple fact that a storm of that magnitude can pop up on it's own out of the middle of the ocean is insane to me. 
hurricane Irene hitting the Bahamas.....

i have been on the computer all day tracking the progress.  in my line of work, it's my job to keep my team safe so staying up to date is important.  i've been on The Weather Channel and Accu Weather to get my info.  i read a great article that you can find here! comparing hurricane Irene to previous hurricanes such as Bertha, Bob and Hugo.  it's a must read if you're into this kind of stuff. 

speaking of good ole hurricane Bob, he may be the reason for my love of hurricanes.  errrrrrrr, or maybe it was my dad...who is also Bob.  i was 11 years old when hurricane bob came up the coast of massachussets.  i was in marshfield with my dad at the time.  i remember getting in his car {maybe an Iroc} and going down to the seawall.  we parked that car in front of the seawall and sat in it while the storm surge waves came up and over the car.  it was the coolest {and possibly most dangerous} thing i've ever done.  i remember it as vividly as you can remember something 20 years later.  the waiting in between the waves was horrible.  it seemed like forever before that salty water came up and over us again.  the coolest part?  looking at it through the sunroof.  {another disclaimer here: not even sure it was hurricane Bob.  i don't have the best memory and we were safe so no need to call the authorities now.  what i do know?  it was awesomesauce}.

it looks Irene is going to cause some sweet waves too. :)

it looks as if Irene will reach my parts sunday night into monday am.  right when i am at work.  i've joked with my boss about staying overnight, but you never know.  my store in it's steel glory seems a lot safer than my rickety old apartment in the sky.  at the very least, it's going to cause excitement here at Target. 

the kids are going to be with their dad when the hurricane hits.  i'm kind of sad that i will miss their first really big storm.  is that weird of me?  i know it's the mom instincts in me that want to be there to comfort them if they are scared.  but really, i don't want to miss it if they are excited and love hurricanes like i do.  :)

here are some weather related pics.  projected paths and what not.  i'll keep y'all updated as the storm gets closer to us.  and don't worry, we'll be safe.  going to buy some tape and flashlights right now.  ;)

{none of these pictures are mine.  they were all borrowed from the lovely sites that are linked further up in the post}

along with the hurricane warning, there is also a chance of tornadoes. amazing!




btw....while talking to people at work today, i realized my ultimate dream job.  if i were childless, i would be..........are you ready for it?????...........a tornado chaser.  yup.  i'd be one of those crazy ass people hiding out underneath the highway overpass trying to get a good shot of the tornado.  perfection.  maybe someday.  the kids have to move out at some point....right?


  1. if you love storms then you would HATE it here. it's just sunny every single day :( (and yes i am complaining about it... i love inclement weather too:)

  2. Oh I love a good storm. Monsoons don't happen enough here. I would love to chase tornadoes, maybe when I am old and my grandchildren are grown, lol.

  3. oh Angela you crack me up! LOL I must say i agree with you in that i also love a good storm! we only usually get the tail end of hurricanes up here, i can't imagine one in full force! Stay safe and enjoy. (: