dreams & mcdonald's....

when we woke up this morning lisa told me about her dream that she had the night before.  she had dreamt that we were buying a house.  i asked her if it was a nice house.  she told me no, it was awful.  apparently in her dream i insisted that we buy this less than stellar house.  when she asked me why i told her that it was all about location.  location. location. location.  then i went on a rant about how much gas we would save.  oh ok.  "well where was the location"?  i asked.  her response....."next to mcdonald's".  REALLY?????!

then i got to thinking, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea.  i mean, i'm not sure how my ass and thighs would feel about it, but i'm pretty sure my stomach would love me for it.  why you ask?  because i have come up with the best invention ever!  want in on the secret?  drive yourself to mcdonald's.  or any where that has soft serve vanilla ice cream.  get it plain, and bring it home.  grab a box of fruity pebbles from your cabinet.  i know you have them.  who doesn't?

now add some pebbles to the top layer of your ice cream and eat.  then add more to the next layer.  if you are one of those disgusting people that like soggy cereal, you can add it all in at once if you wish.

  it is heaven in a paper cup.  i can't wait to try cocoa pebbles, cinnamon toast crunch and captain crunch!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

thanks to jennifer for taking the pic of me! {and lisa}

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  1. OK, so I love this post!! Her dream is hysterical, and I must admit that while in general frozen yogurt is far too healthy for my tastes, I will eat it if it is plain and smothered in Fruity Pebbles. (DD thinks I'm nuts, but that's beside the point.) But your idea of McDonald's soft-serve smothered in Fruity Pebbles sounds even better!