here is my shot for 8/29/11. i took it on 8/28/11. a day that will forever go down in my memory as "the-day-we-were-supposed-to-get-a-hurricane-but-didn't-what-we-did-get-was-a-tropical-storm-that-was-exciting-but-not-nearly-exciting-enough-for-the-crap-i-had-to-deal-with-at-work-as-well-as-being-without-internet-and-cable-for-24-plus-hours-damn-you-irene-day" so yeah. here are my feet. in the midst of 50+ mph winds. we were waiting for our pizza. that's right.  Marc Anthony's never closes. he even posted on fb all day that they were open with their generators and that they had beer. needless to say it was VERY busy.

check out the windy ass grass. :)
Hurricane Irene Feet


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