i posted yesterday about how badly i wanted to get into to pottermore....well.....

that's right!  i'm more magical than harry potter himself.

i did! these are both iphone screenshots that i imported into Instagram.  it's an awesome free app.  check it out!  :)

it was pretty easy to get in actually.  there are blogs and sites that have clues as to when registration will be open.  i just kept checking for it to open up.  when it does, there is a clue you have to answer and it will bring you to a website.  from there you have to find the magic quill.  then you have to register, wait for your confirmation email and then confirm your registration.  all before registration closes.  it was fun and exciting.  i got an account set up for both lisa and i.  now we just have to wait for an email telling us it's ok to sign in.  they can't let everyone on at once i guess. 

tomorrow is the last day.....so get to it!  if you don't get in, it will be open to everyone in november.  :)

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